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Webapplication security testing

Hello everybody, The field of information security is very broad. You have network security, application security, system security, webapplication security. Since companies and governments use the internet as a way to communicate and exchange information and money, it is vital to protect systems and applications from getting hacked. If you want to secure your systems, […]

SQL Injection Prevention Cheat Sheet

SQL Injection Prevention Cheat Sheet From OWASP   Jump to: navigation, search Contents  [hide]  1 Introduction 2 Primary Defenses 2.1 Defense Option 1: Prepared Statements (Parameterized Queries) 2.2 Defense Option 2: Stored Procedures 2.3 Defense Option 3: Escaping All User Supplied Input 2.3.1 Database Specific Escaping Details Oracle Escaping Escaping Dynamic Queries […]

SQL Injection Attacks by Example

The information of this post is made by Steve Friedl’s from Tech Tips. The original page can be found here On this website he explains in great detail about the various SQL injection attacks and what they do to a database. The search for information on SQL injections directed me to Steve’s website, and […]

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