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Hello everybody,

During the making of the first episode of KLB TV that will be dedicated to hiding your online tracks and protecting you from cybercrime, I found a very nice program with the name Sandboxie.

Sandboxie allows you to run your browser or your whole computer inside a sandbox. This allows you to browse or install programs on your computer that will not affect anything outside of that sandbox.


We all know that sometimes you are searching for files or free programs, and you are not sure if that program is legitimate or an illegal piece of software. In my own experience I somethings search for e-books about IT subjects and then I need to go to shady websites. The website on which the file is published is shady and full of advertisements that can cause malware to be installed on my system, then when I finally got the e-book and open it, it might as well be a virus that I install or a key logger.

If you want to shield yourself from these dangers, then it is a good idea to install sandboxie. It basically lets you run your browser inside of a sandbox. Only the sandbox is affected after installing software, the program can not affect your operation system of system registry this way, thus keeping you safe. Even better you can delete the contents of the sandbox after each browser session.



There is a free version of sanboxie available at but this free version is slow and is considered nagware. Although it is a great way to find out if this software is something for you, before buying the full licensed version.

There is off course another way to use a sandbox and that is installing a virtual machine just for browsing purposes. Downside is that you need quite a modern computer with quite a lot of RAM to be able to have a smooth experience, and it requires you to have a bit more knowledge on how to setup a virtual machine. Look for  virtual box. There a version for windows and linux available.

At the end of the month the first episode of KLB TV will be launched, in this first episode I will also talk about Sandboxie.





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