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Hello visitor,

welcome at the REGENET blog.

At REGENET we are active in IT .  The reason for the existence of this blog is because my interest in the internet and all the technology that comes with it. Also I have special interest in information security, since I believe this sector will be increasingly important in the future of the Internet.

I use this blog as a place on which I write about technology, (secure)communications, Internet protocols, developments on the Internet, web 2.0, tools, cybercrime and much more. The messages I post consist out of my own words combined with content from various sources to add more detailed information about topics. Therefore not all content on this blog is my own, my intention is to create a blog that holds much information in one single place for visitors and myself.

The blog’s main focus will lay on Information Security and Networking Technology.

This blog has a pure informational character, and can be seen as a scrapbook of me personally.


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  1. If you use wordpress checkout “iThemes security plugin”

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